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When I started out with Candle Magic…

I was interested in dabbling, but I soon found it to be a big investment in materials. Wanting to do a single spell, but having to buy large quantities of each element per spell, with minimum quantity purchases for items like essential oil, it can get costly.

Tiny Candle Magic boxes have everything you need for one spell conveniently in one box at an affordable price. We want to make magic accessible to everyone!

Smaller, faster burning candles - just as potent spells. 

Tiny Candle Magic boxes make a great gift for a house warming, birthday, or a friend in need.  But why not try it out for yourself!

Always working with 100% White Light Magic, no dark magic here.
It’s safe! It’s fun! It’s good for your life!

Learn more about each individual item at What’s In The Box?