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Reiki Healing

With Reiki Master Kate De Lorme 

A Reiki session with Kate starts with an intuitive reading and conversation assessing your physical, emotional and spiritual state and concerns. From there, a combination of sound, stone and essential oil therapy is tailored to your individual needs during your Reiki healing session. 

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1 hour $90 CAD 

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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality in which the practitioner gently balances each of the energy centres in your body through a series of hand positions and focused energy.

What can I expect? 

Most people experience deep relaxation from a Reiki treatment. You may also experience an emotional release. You can think of Reiki as assisted meditation. A moment to allow yourself to relax in a safe, calm environment has been shown to have extensive benefits for one’s health, but many of us find it difficult to calm our minds on our own at home or work. A Reiki session allows you this time to pause, breath and reflect. 

While you relax, the Reiki practitioner is focusing in on areas of your body where you have energetic and emotional blockages to allow you to fully release to the experience. 

What payment do you accept?

You can pay in person at the time of your appointment by cash, credit card or e-transfer.

Reiki is a complementary partner, NOT a replacement for medical treatment or attention. 

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Due to this busy season, we are currently only accepting appointments by request. We would still love to see you! Please click below to contact us and we will respond to you with our available dates and times.